a picture of nate

Nate Kohl


Ph.D., August 2009
Department of Computer Sciences

The University of Texas at Austin


a picture of an aibo
Exploring how to do real-world machine learning for robots as a member of Peter Stone's robotic soccer team, UT Austin Villa.
a picture of the rars simulator
Applying neuroevolution to create warning systems for automobiles, as part of a grant from Toyota.
a picture of the keepaway domain
Examining different methods of task decomposition in a keepaway soccer domain, in an effort to better understand how to combine human knowledge with machine learning.


Here is a full list of my publications.


I used to teach the CS105 on C++.
Before that, I was a TA for the following courses:

Everything else

My Flickr page and Becky's Flickr page have some photos documenting my various exploits.

Here is a short film about robot soccer shenanigans that I made a while back.

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